At the start of BIOFOOD Diervoeding BV on September 27, 1989, the then director Wiebe Bijlsma wanted to use natural ingredients only, based on 'respect for animals, people and the environment'. This was a far-sighted vision. More and more people with a dog and / or cat choose, because of a growing awareness for animals and the environment and a good price-quality ratio, for natural products of BIOFOOD Diervoeding BV.

BIOFOOD complete natural food with natural herbs for dog and cat is now a fixed value on the Dutch animal feed market. BIOFOOD is one of the market leaders in the field of tasteful and healthy sheep fat products, such as the well-known and widely copied sheep fat bonbons and liquid sheep fat, for dogs. BIOFOOD also contributed to the birth of the broad introduction of rawhide chewing on the Dutch market. New packaging and new products, such as the new, tasteful, sustainable complete meat feed and mini small breed premium dog food, among other things, ensure that BIOFOOD continues to develop in the field of natural, healthy and tasty products for dogs and cats.

In addition to high-quality natural quality food, BIOFOOD has its own natural, tasty and complementary care products, including fats, supplements, snacks and tablets, as well as natural herbs and rawhide chewing products.

BIOFOOD Diervoeding BV is not (anymore) Skal organic certified due to varying quantity and quality of the available and limited organic raw materials. This means that the word "organic" can no longer be used (read: marketing) because it is a legally protected term. although we do use them.


BIOFOOD Diervoeding BV has now been bringing quality pet food to the market for dogs and cats for more than 28 years. 

BIOFOOD Diervoeding BV uses 100% natural raw materials in its products. Ingredients such as (safe) free-range meat, and tasty natural herbs are used. The raw materials that Biofood uses in its products satisfy the GREEN Guarantee label that Biofood applies to its products. The quality and natural purity are thus guaranteed.

GREEN Guarantee Label

BIOFOOD uses 100% natural raw materials in its tasteful and healthy dog and cat food from Dutch soil and uses the GROEN guarantee label. This guarantees quality and natural purity.

The GREEN guarantee label guarantees a natural, safe and healthy end product, without chemical additives.


After years of experience at one of the largest Petfood manufacturers in the Netherlands, Mr. Wiebe Bijlsma, a natural person and born and bred in Friesland, stood at the cradle of the foundation of BIOFOOD Diervoeding BV. For many years, Mr. Bijlsma has been able to closely monitor the production process of dog and cat food and has found that many problems, such as itching, unhealthy skin and fur, eating feces, etc., continued to return to both dogs and cats. In addition, his view and idea about good and healthy feed ("feed on natural basis") did not correspond with the "commercial" feed that was and is being produced. However, no future was seen in "natural food".

When Mr. Bijlsma got the chance to start his own business in 1989, the development and production of BIOFOOD (natural) Animal Nutrition with natural raw materials such as natural herbs, vitamins and minerals, quality meat, natural proprietors (vitamin E, rosemary extract) and without synthetic preservatives and artificial fragrances, colors and flavors, a fact.

In addition to dog and cat food, BIOFOOD Diervoeding BV has developed tasty, healthy and complementary care products on a natural basis, including fats, supplements, snacks, tablets and chew, which contribute to the health of both dog and cat.

Bijlsma Sr, old director and inspirator of BIOFOOD natural petfood products

Specific Biofood Petfood characteristics

As a manufacturer of pet food we have the following specific characteristics:

  • Dutch top quality
  • High-quality natural raw materials
  • Fresh recipe free-range quality meat (purer, better digestion)
  • Healthy salmon oil with omega 3 fatty acids and/or sheep fat
  • Natural herbs (tasty/healthy)
  • No artificial additives
  • GMO and animal-testing free
  • Natural antioxidants (preservatives)

Natural Quality

Natural raw materials, the right suppliers, good information, affordability and the many positive reactions, results and quality ensure that the whole of the Netherlands is introduced to natural, healthy and tasty products from BIOFOOD Animal Nutrition. In addition, BIOFOOD is slowly but surely expanding in Europe.

If you have questions or if you want more information please contact us.


BIOFOOD Diervoeding BV
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The Netherlands
Tel: 0031 (0)512 – 541920

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