Herb Mix

BIOFOOD Herb Mix. Ideal for skin, coat, digestion and vitality. For all dog and cat breeds. Ideal as a supplement to wet food, BARF, dry or wet food. The BIOFOOD herb mix contain natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements and support metabolism, digestion, skin and coat, and general health. Herbs can be added to BARF in the vegetable mix.


nettle, fennel seed, seaweed (bladder wrack 10.42%), plantain, lovage, rosemary, oak, bay leaf, garlic powder, hawthorn, mistletoe, aniseed, peppermint leaf, passion flower.

Analytical components: - Crude protein 168 g/kg, Crude fat 59 g/kg, Crude ash 125 g/kg, Crude fibre 144.7 g/kg, Moisture 88.3 g/kg. Available in an e450 ml jar.

Feeding advice:

Dietary advice for dogs/cats: Optimal support: 4 g per 10kg body weight per day. Maintenance: 1 g per 10kg body weight per day. (1g = about 1/2 coffee spoon). Can be supplied for an unlimited time.

Herb Mix
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Salmon Oil
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