GREEN Guarantee

The GREEN Guarantee Label is a quality label that Biofood uses for its products.

The GREEN Guarantee Label has the following specific characteristics:

  • Dutch top quality*.
  • sustainable and natural products based on ‘respect for animals, humans and the environment'.
  • the use of high-quality and natural raw materials and ingredients.
  • the use of fresh recipe free-range quality meat (chicken, beef, duck, wild boar and lamb),  fish (salmon) and healthy organ meat such as liver, heart and tripe.
  • the use of oils and fats of animal origin (conserved with natural tocopherols), which are not or only slightly processed.
  • the use of natural additives (vitamin E, rosemary extract, cranberry, rose hips).
  • no artificial aromatic flavouring and colour.
  • no bio-industry
  • environment and animal-friendly (animal-testing free).
  • raw materials, products and suppliers are continuously monitored unannounced by Biofood Diervoeding BV and independent control agencies.
  • Biofood Diervoeding BV suppliers are HACCP, ISO and BRC FOOD certified and/or GMP coded.
  • Biofood Diervoeding BV suppliers are monitored by VWA (Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority).
  • Biofood Diervoeding BV suppliers are monitored and certified by means of a GREEN guarantee certificate provided that their raw materials meet the **required specific quality standardisation.
  • the use of recycled packaging material (sustainable).
  • the use of sustainable and responsible transport (LEAN and GREEN).






Green Guarantee represents a naturally healthy and clean end product.•


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